1 Pairs Portable Silicone Breast Milk Collector For Postpartum Pregnant Women

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  • Description:
    1. Material: food grade silicone + PP material
    2. Size: 3.5 cm opening
    3. Function: a ventilated nipple shield designed for breastfeeding mothers, which can be used as a breast milk collector. After collecting breast milk, pour it into a milk bottle or cup to store in the refrigerator.
    4. Features: silicone material, especially soft, breathable hole design, make the belt fresh and long-lasting. It fits the breasts and conforms to the shape of the chest. It is reliable, safe and comfortable. It can be fixed in the bra, protected at anytime and anywhere, and can be used repeatedly after cleaning. Economic, environmentally friendly and practical!
    5. Packaging: a pair of silicone anti-overflow pads, absorbent cotton x4
    One Package Weight 0.07kgs / 0.16lb
    Qty per Carton 404lb
    Carton Weight 30kgs / 66.14lb
    Carton Size 73cm * 73cm * 44cm / 28.74inch * 28.74inch * 17.32inch
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    40HQ: 264 cartons * 404 pcs = 106656 pcs